Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More paint

We hit Lowe's up last night for a few house things including more paint samples. I was able to get some swatches up last night before bed and here is how they look today.

This is our master bathroom, I liked the blue last night, today, I am not so sure, it might be too icy. Especially next to the blue we chose for our bedroom.

We love this blue, here it is next to our bedroom set and the light on our nightstand. Of course it is currently under the lovely incandescent light in our room, but I think it looks nice under that anyway. I am not sure about the flow of this blue into the bathroom though.

Here we have the chocolate cherry we chose for the pool room/dining room next to a beige-y color we wanted to try out with it. We are very happy with the two colors together, and the beige
will run through the general areas of the house as well, including the entry way and the hallway leading to the bedrooms.

Here it is again in the hall, not too much natural light here and it still has a nice hue to it.

And lastly, the kitchen. This is a yellow I loved at the store and am now not so enamored with it. I think it is too bright, I even put up the beige next to it to see how I felt about the two together and I still am not sold on it.
We are closer to pain color choices, but not quite there yet, unfortunately.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A "wild" weekend

My husband's family was in town this weekend to spend time at the San Diego Zoo and the Birch Aquarium in celebration of our niece's third birthday! Because of work, the Hubs and I didn't get to go to the Zoo on Friday with everyone, but we were able to make it to the Aquarium on Saturday.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fruit salad with ginger infused simple syrup

Today is certainly not Tuesday, most assuredly it is Friday, and I am just now getting this posted. Part of the reason I am free to just sit and post a blog is the mess in my kitchen.

Monday, July 6, 2009

And such and such

I will unfortunately have few postings over the next couple of weeks here, my camera took a tumble over the weekend and the lens is slightly cock-eyed now. I got it into a repair shop today, and I should have it back in a couple of weeks, good as new, which is good news since it is brand new and was my anniversary present. Sorry honey!
In between times I will make due with my old camera which only acts up occasionally, we shall see!
Before it's unfortunately fall, I was able to get some pictures of a yummy fruit salad I made for a barbecue on the 3rd to celebrate a big event for my sister, her daughter and my sister's boyfriend.

Aren't they cute? And my sister looks pretty blissful here, an uncommon sight from her to be honest, she's the grumpy one normally. (Love you sis!)

And she has good reason to be blissed out:

She got a promotion from girlfriend to fiance last week! And what a promotion, look at that puppy! Good on you future brother in law, good on you.
She isn't a diamond type of woman, so she got a lovely sapphire instead. Our families spent the afternoon last Thursday eating and getting to know each other. It was fun, and I had some wine cooler made by my sister's future mother in law that was yummy and I would like the recipe for, I will get a hold of it and likely post it on here.

So next summer these three will be a family and I am very happy for them, congrats guys!

I will post the fruit salad I made this week, hopefully tomorrow...