Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paint. Finally.

I've been trying to get some paint in this house since we moved in. What we have now is a greyish light tan sort of neutral. All well and good when you move in on a Monday and are back to class (me) and work (husband) all day the next day.

However, I am tired of looking at it. So while out running errands yesterday, we stopped by Lowes and picked up some sample colors to test out in our pool room:

Look there, on the wall, next to the dart board, do you see them? What, you need a close up? Ok, here you go:

From left to right we have Hubbell House Rio Grande Mud, Chocolate Cherry and Molera Vaquero red. We are leaning towards Chocolate Cherry, perhaps with an accent wall in one of it's complimentary colors, La Fonda Deep Clay Red or La Fonda Terra Cotta, not pictured. Not even in the house yet.
I can say one thing though, the little sample cans are well worth the $4. We likely would have walked out with a few gallons of the Hubbell House color, put it up and hated it. It is a little pink for our tastes, and it doesn't look that way at all on the paper swatch, of course.
So I hope to be picking up more samples soon, we are talking about painting the bathrooms next.
I hope the names are shorter and more to the point. I liked a blue called Swim. Simple. To the point. Bring it on.

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