Monday, May 25, 2009

The setup

I will not title this "First Post" or anything else silly, but I will set up who, what and where I am.

I am a nurse, married, mother to three cats and two dogs, living in a suburb of San Diego. We just purchased our home back in October, and I am trying to make it more a home than a house. I am also going through grad school to be a midwife, growing a garden (my first) and trying to expand my cooking horizons. In turn, my husband and I have expanding waistlines.
I truly am using this as a diary for myself, if I pick up readers along the way, yay! If not, I won't cry. I just need a place to track what I am doing and when along with pictures.

What I have for today are current pictures of my garden, and to compare, ones from when I started.

In the beginning, I had a lot of expensive dirt and some child labor to help water it:

Then there were some plants:

Tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini to start.

Now I have herbs, obviously separate from the veggies:

Giant tomato plants:


And zucchini, which I am most concerned for:
Concerned in a good way really, I wasn't sure I'd get to this point. When I set out to grow this garden of mine, I started my seeds indoors, and these ones took off. By the time I had the raised bed in, the seedlings were leggy and just lay on the soil. It was rather sad looking. One of the original four did die, but these three struggled along and over the last two weeks have turned into this. I am only concerned now I will have the traditional issue with summer gardens; more zucchini then I know what to do with.

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