Saturday, June 19, 2010

On the hunt

I have been trying to find and master the perfect oregano-lemon chicken marinade. I've got an oregano plant in the herb garden that is growing like crazy and a lemon tree that always has lemons waiting for me to use them, sometimes I can't use them fast enough.

I was happy to stumble across this recipe from Chow via Saveur and I tried it out earlier this week.

My chicken got a 6 hour soak versus the 12 Saveur wanted, but it was yummy none the less. After a nice slow time on the grill, the skin was crispy and the flavor was good. I still don't know if it had enough lemon kick for me, I will likely take this and push the oregano and lemon and give the chicken more time to marinate. It was good, but not the pop of flavor I was hoping for, insert slightly sad face here.

It does look really pretty though.

It was also good on salad the next night. I have more chicken hanging out in the fridge right now, another, rather different recipe. It is one I've used quite a few times now, but I didn't realize until now I hadn't posted it. I plan on getting that recipe up on Monday and to have a Father's Day wrap up on Tuesday, see you all then!

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