Friday, June 11, 2010

*tap,tap,tap* This thing on?

Sibilance, sibilance.

Poor little ignored, dusty blog. I never meant to abandon it quite as throughly as I did last year. School got the best of me, it took most of me really. My garden went to the birds, the kitchen was used only here and there. The husband and I ate out, far more then I ever want to admit.

But, I am back.
And I am a midwife.
Well, almost. I still need to take my national certification boards, but according to the diploma that should be on it's way to me, I am a graduate of my local university's CNM/WHNP program as of May 21.
Had a fabulous graduation bbq, which was full of recipes worth repeating, I am sure they will reappear here.

I promptly went on a week long vacation, very much needed.

Then I came back and threw my sister a bridal shower tea last weekend, also full of wonderful food. I will have to post the scone recipes I used and discuss how one produced scones and the other gave us apricot studded rolls. Slightly burned apricot at that.

Now, now things are settling down and I am planning and cooking again for my husband and myself.

Last night it was rib eye steaks. We had them for Mother's Day weekend, grilled simply with olive oil, salt and pepper. This time I decided to use the marinade I posted before here. Except I didn't realiaze I had no Port. The steaks were yummy, but the port was definitely a missing element.

But, the horseradish sauce on the side was the best yet, because I finally found straight up, not prepared or in a sauce in any form, chopped into little bits horseradish. Incredible. So much better for a sauce like this where you want good, strong bite.

Added bonus was we had the first of the yellow zucchini I am growing this year with some grilled asparagus on the side last night. The flavor was nice, mild and a little sweet. Good thing too, since the bush is exploding.

So, I promise more is coming, I will likely start with a yard and garden update, we actually have irrigation, drainage and nice new sod in our back yard. And the dogs don't know it, but they have less then a week before they can run free in the back once more!


  1. yay! I'm happy to see your blog come back to life. Looking forward to your recipes.