Monday, June 28, 2010

4 flavors of candy and a wedding

My sister joined the ranks of the happily wedded yesterday, many blessings for her new family! And of course, with weddings comes all the planning and preparations, from the venue to the dress to the seating chart and favors. I know she is very happy to say it is all done and went off without a hitch.

I am a little tired today, okay, really I am exhausted, but I wanted to show off what fews pictures I have of our candy making last week.

One thing my sister loves is the ocean and beach. So in choosing a venue for her wedding day, she chose one down by the water and built some details for the day around the watery backdrop including her invitations and her favors.

Inspired by Not So Humble Pie we set out to create our own sea glass candy for her guests.

My sister chose four flavors, blackberry, almond, champagne and brandy. We made each a different color, the blackberry was purple, her main wedding color; the almond white, the champagne clear and the brandy a rather nonsensical green. Green was wonderful in terms of sea glass, but I doubt people expected the brandy flavor.

We made several batches, but is really such a simple process so long as you have a reliable candy thermometer.

Like I said, I didn't do so well getting too many pictures of our final product, but here are a couple:

And really the best part of the whole adventure was cracking the candy up.

Although, I don't recommend letting an almost six year old do too much with the mallet, she nearly tried to make sugar dust out of the pan of blackberry!

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