Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Screw you computer!

That's what my husband is yelling at the TV. More specifically the Wii. And even more specifically the EA Active program it is running.

We've started a diet and regular exercise recently, and since we have the Wii fit board (which we at one point swore we would never buy) we are making use of it for the exercise part of things.

The nice thing about the EA Active is it has Bob Greene on board with his 30 Day Challenge. He is Oprah approved so it has to be good, right?
Well, so far we think it is. The first 30 days have a set exercise routine that you can change the intensity on. Good thing for us, I was/am still more of an athlete then my husband, so we can do out different levels of work outs. At the end of a workout we are sweating and tired. Exactly what I expect.

However, despite all the wonderful things T can say for the program, there is one downside:

Perky, animated trainers.

Perky, animated trainers that spout inspirational comments at random.

Perky, animated trainers that also tell you to get going when it thinks you are slacking off towards the end of your sets.

We both have had a few choice words for those trainers and their perky ways. We'll see over the rest of the first 30 days how much their perky ways and exercises whittle our waistlines down to what they should be. Marriage has been great for us, not so much for our weight!

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