Friday, August 13, 2010

I am so far behind

At least in terms of updating here. I have been cooking, in fact I have a couple of recipes to get pulled together and posted. I tried out a couple of recipes that aren't quite ready for prime time posting just yet, I need to tweak them.

Here's what I have been working on:

My latest Craigslist find! A birch chest of drawers in the mid-century style. My husband and I have started to fall in love with mid-century style. Good thing too, it works so well with a house built in 1959.

So the dresser was a steal at $100. The finish was pretty bad though. I've spent the last week stripping, sanding, staining, sanding some more, and refinishing it.

Here we are waiting for the stripper to strip. Strip baby, strip. Brown chicken, brown cow.

And in an internet minute, done! Then there was some sanding. Lots of it. 120, 220 and eventually some 320...grit that is.

Then I reached the point where it was ready for stain.

Our bed frame is a darker stain, but I wasn't looking to take the really light birch too dark, so we split the difference and used Provincial from Minwax.

After a couple of staining coats and some polyurethane, we now have a beautiful new dresser for our newly redesigned master bedroom:

Here are some more details from our improved bedroom, I will post a full review once we have it all wrapped up.

Drapes and paint.

Paint in both the bedroom and our bathroom, the bathroom is getting an overhaul as well, and I am very, very excited to get it all done!

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