Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Comfort food for my husband.

My husbad has had a really busy last couple of weeks at work, filled with late nights and some work on the weekends trying to get his company's tax returns for this year completed and sent to the IRS. Everything wrapped up today and he came home early, completely wiped out, and promptly fell into bed for a nap before dinner.

I had some time to pull dinner together and his final words to me involved grilled cheese and tomato soup.

So while he slept I made a quick trip to the store and came home with prosciutto, pears and a Tuscan style bread for grilled cheese with tomato soup to go on the side.

My husband prefers a completely savory grilled cheese, so his was tomato, cheddar cheese and the prosciutto. I love a little sweet with my savory, so I subbed pears for the tomato and drizzled a little honey on them.

The soup got a little jazzing up with some fresh basil and a shake of red pepper flakes.

After a slow toast on the griddle pan, the sandwiches were ready to go.

My husbands was good, but I think mine with the pear slices was even better. The little honey drizzle and pear sweetness was awesome against the prosciutto and cheese.

Apples and pears are both really good in grilled cheese, give it a try sometime.

Also, I am experimenting with watermarks on my photos, bear with me while I tinker with font, size, etc on them. Just in case someone wants to try and steal my stuff, now they have m name on them!


  1. you know what, I want to have dinner at your house. Your meals are so creative!

  2. Gratzi! You are welcome anytime you are in the neighborhood.

  3. Mmmmmm...I think I would want one of each.

  4. I usually like my grilled cheese unadulterated, but those sound delicious.

  5. And she brought me Legos. Jo is the best wife EVER.